Expanding Nashville’s Riverfront

Nashville Future Riverfront

Major changes are in the works for downtown Nashville. Mayor Karl Dean revealed the plans for 2 new riverfront parks with an amphitheater centrally located between.

Construction on the 4.5-acre east bank park began this fall. People will be able to access the river from the park, and connect to another 6-acre Cumberland park area.

On the west bank, plans show that the new amphitheater will be surrounded by another 12-acre park. The long-time anticipated amphitheater will be able to hold 6,500 with additional seating.

Phase 1 was completed in 2001, which is making a great recreational spot for many downtown-goers.  The family-oriented park includes gardens, picnic areas, a stage, a river walk and much more.

Nashville Major Dean stated, “I believe if done right, the thermal site can be an iconic park that generations of Nashvillians will be proud of and which they can enjoy.” Nashville’s new riverfront expansion is estimated to be 10 times the size of the already existing Riverfront Park.

The new parks and amphitheater will cost an estimated $35 million.  A projected completion date for the projects is 2015.

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