Should You Sell Your Home During the Holidays?

Holiday Home Sales

During the holidays many potential sellers wonder if they should keep their house on the market.  While in the past it hasn’t been advised to sell your home during the holidays, times have changed.

Here are some reasons to consider listing or continuing to list your home for sale during this busy winter season:

• Buyers are always looking for real estate online and because of bad weather, internet searches escalate in an effort to narrow down a list of preferred homes.  In order for your home to be discovered online, it has to be listed on the market.  While historically potential buyers felt that shopping for a home in the holidays was too hectic, the ability to search listings online with tablets and use smartphones makes it easier for people work this into their busy schedules.  Other methods such as word-of-mouth, drive by sightings and other forms of direct contact marketing are not as effective during winter months.

• A major reason to keep a home listing on the market during the holidays is because inventory is typically low, therefore so is the competition.  This alone creates opportunities for sellers.

• Because jobs are changing at a faster rate now, employees are relocating more. When they arrive they are going to buy fairly quickly weather it is winter or summer.

• Buyers are still out there looking for real estate and many of them wish there are more options.  While it is a busy season for many, this is also a time of year when home buyers have a time off work to go house shopping with end of the year vacation time.

• Typically more casual seekers take a break during the holidays so the buyers who keep shopping are serious about buying a home.  Not only do these buyers feel more urgent about getting into a home, they also are willing to spend what’s needed to get settled as soon as possible.

Take note that selling your home during the holidays doesn’t have to add stress or chaos:
1. If you are traveling during the holidays, it’s easy.  You leave town and your REALTOR is in charge of everything.  Your home will be empty, clean and even get checked on while you are gone.
2. You don’t have to be concerned about taking calls 24/7.  As the client, you can manage how you communicate with your REALTOR.
3. You can create blackout dates or have a showing schedule. Your house doesn’t have to be accessible at all times. While the more your home is free, the better it is for buyers, it’s also understandable to have a limited schedule during the holidays.
Still don’t want to worry about showing a home during the holidays? You can always list the house in January.  The cold usually keeps sellers preferring to wait till spring but since there continues to be a lack of competition as well. This is the time of year where people get back to focusing on their goals, including buying a new home. If you are motivated to sell your home you can get plenty of attention and opportunities in the beginning of the New Year.

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